Saturday, March 15, 2008

San Diego, alternative for beach lovers for American residents

The United States of America is a huge country and some parts of the United States experiences severe (cold) weather in winter. Some may want to escape to warmer weather or some may just be beach lovers or looking for sea sports. There are plenty of choices and one of them are Hawaii and the other is San Diego, a coastal city in Southern California in southwestern continental United State. Hawaii is an archipelago comprising many volcanic islands and is a long way from continental United State. If you want warm weather or just want to spend your time by the beach, and you want to take transportation cost into consideration, San Diego is an obvious choice.

Now if you intend to spend your vacation in San Diego, you will obviously need some San Diego vacation rentals unless you have some relatives or friends who are willing to put you up temporarily. However, this means inconveniencing them even if they may be too polite to tell you so. If you are a beach lover, you would probably want a San Diego beach house for I am quite sure you would not want to travel long distances to your favorite beach or beaches (San Diego has many beautiful beaches.

Those who are retired may even be thinking of migrating to warmer climate plus love the beach. For them, they may want to consider purchasing some San Diego beach real estate.

Whatever it is, I have been to San Diego in the 80's and it looks like a pleasant to spend your vacation or live there. Plus with the sub-prime crisis still haunting the United States, this may be your chance to get some bargain San Diego real estate which may never come again.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hawaii's equivalent in Continental USA for cheaper vacation

If you are planning for a vacation in tropical Hawaii, you can chose and book your vacation accommodation online via Hawaii vacation rentals. Hawaii is a great place for a vacation, but according to the AAA Annual Vacation Cost survey in 2006, it is also the most expensive place for a vacation in the United States of America. AAA said a family of two adults and two children will pay $559 a day for food and lodging in Hawaii, more than twice the national average of $261. And that is not counting the travelling cost.

If you are budget conscious, you may want to look for cheaper vacation equivalent on Continental USA. You may want to consider Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach has some 23 miles of beautiful white sandy beaches for you to enjoy. However, because Daytona is closely associated to cars, motorised vehicles are allowed on most of the beach. For those who do not want to share the beach with motorised vehicles, there is a stretch of 5 miles of beaches are reserved for them. A

nd the NASCAR track that hosts the annual Daytona 500 as well as other racing related events plus the Daytona Bike week plus the Biketoberfest which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world has made Daytona synomous with speed. There is also the Daytona USA, an interactive motor sports theme park with an antique car museum. The traditional Spring Break Daytona Beach which takes place on miles of sandy beaches with various activities, pool deck parties, hot Daytona Beach Clubs like the Ocean Deck, Razzles, and 600 North also draw visitors from all over the States. Daytona vacation rentals can help you find accommodation in Daytona.

The other alternative is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with a 60-mile crescent of beach called Grand Strand. Grand Strand has with clean, wide beaches and a great variety of recreation, entertainment, dining and shopping places. Get your Myrtle Beach vacation accommodation from Myrtle vacation rentals.

If all these 3 vacation destination doesn't appeal to you, there are thousand of nice vacation destination for you to chose from and vacation rentals can help you make your choice.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Makena, Maui

Makena beach turtleMakena is located on Maui, bordered in the north by the posh Wailea Resort area and in the south by the 'Ahihi Kinn'u Natural Area Reserve. Makena beach is a beautiful beach with golden sand where you can take beautiful walk through trees, watch sea turtles off to the far right side of the beach. Interested in snorkeling? Ahihi Bay, just south of Makena is a great snorkling spot.

In the vicinity is the Makena State Park, a scenic wildland beach park characterized by prominent cinder cone and large white sand beach. Activities you can participate in include swimming during calm seas, bodysurfing, board surfing, shore fishing, and beach- related activities. However, there is no drinking water. There is a popular beach is called "Big Beach" which is over one-half mile long and more than 100 feet wide. There is a lifeguard on duty but be careful as the waves can be quite big and intimidating. A visit to Makena is like a return to nature.

Tourism to Makena is often touted as ecotourism as you will see nature at its best there, but travelling involves burning of fossil fuel and CO2 emission. However, there are sites that offer carbon offset to offset the CO2 emission resulting from your travel. You can find a list of such sites at Environmental Directory.

If you plan to travel to Makena, you will need to book accommodation, and this you can do conveniently online at Information for Makena, Maui, Hawaii. At Wailea makena condos, you can chose from a list of 18 condominiums. If condominiums are not what you seek, you can also find hotels at Makena hotels

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hawaii Sport Fishing

Hawaii Sport Fishing
by: Keith Thompson

If you're coming to experience Hawaii sport fishing, you have one heck of an adventure awaiting you! Anglers from all over the world journey to these deep blues waters teeming with trophy fish. This is where you come to get the big ones. In fact the biggest fish ever caught on rod and reel was a blue marlin caught just off Oahu, weighing in at a hefty 1805 lbs.! Hawaii is so legendary among sport fishing enthusiasts that several "big-game" tournaments are held here every year, including the granddaddy of them all, the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament, luring fishermen from all over the globe.

Hawaii sport fishing is the home of big-game fish. Some of the species you'll encounter here are three types of marlin; blue, black and striped. It's entirely possible to hook yourself a "grander", meaning a monster fish weighing at least 1000 lbs.! Other top game fish include Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna), Ono (Wahoo), Mahimahi (Dolphin fish), and Skipjack Tuna. All of these babies can give you a reel-spinning run for your money, and an experience you'll not soon forget! In fact the tuna are among the fiercest, most tireless fighters of the bunch! Only the striped marlin is a sometimes resident, showing up only in winter. All of the others can be found year-round. Some of the best fishing spots you'll want to try would include Kona; long regarded as the best big-game fishing in the world. Oahu's North Shore is more famous for it's surfing, but it's just under the surface here where the real action begins! Actually, there's pretty much not a bad place for Hawaii sport fishing: some are just more excellent than others!

Booking your Hawaii sport fishing adventure is easy. There are literally hundreds of charter fishing boats operating here, offering you a ton of choices. Some things to keep in mind would be to consider how long you'll want to be out. Most offer half or full day trips, but also know that of you want the best chance at hooking a big-game fish, a longer trip may be called for to give yourself time to get to the best fishing grounds and keep your line in the water awhile. No experience or fishing license is required, and should you hook a trophy fish, taxidermy can be arranged. Come and experience Hawaii sport fishing and come home with a little something for that bare wall!

Copyright 2006 Keith Thompson

About The Author

Keith Thompson is the webmaster at Hawaii Vacation Directory, a top resource for your Hawaiian holiday adventure!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hawaii Spas: Healing Mind & Body with Aloha

Hawaii Spas: Healing Mind & Body with Aloha
by: Don Carter

With an incredible amount of choices for those who are into the active lifestyle, Hawaii vacation packages are nirvana for the sports-minded. But Hawaii also satisfies the flip side of pushing your body to the limit. Here, extreme sport meets extreme relaxation at the greatest collection of spas on the planet.

Hawaii resorts have raised the art of the spa to a glorious new level, offering exotic treatments such as rehydrating aloe body wraps, Hawaiian revitalizer wraps, “wisdom of roses” facials, fango mud wraps, Lomi Pohaku, the original stone therapy, Lomi Lomi massage, mango salt glow scrubs, Ayurvedic oil massage, Maluha (peace) and Uhane (spirit) Hawaiian aromatherapy, Reiki holding technique, limu exfoliation and detoxification therapy, cranio-sacral sessions, Maui sugar scrub & body wraps, and for you Starbucks lovers, the Ka’anapali coffee full body treatment.

More than 24 resort hotels, on five islands, offer luxurious, state-of-the-art spa treatments with a Hawaiian flair. Take a look at my favorite spots for customized Hawaii spa vacation packages:

• SpaHalekulani – Halekulani
• Kahala Mandarin Oriental Spa Suites (voted “Best New Hotel Spa” by Departures Magazine)
• The Mandara Spa at Hilton Hawaiian Village (featuring advanced holistic health programs)
• JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko’Olina
• Na Hoola Spa at Hyatt Regency Waikiki Resort & Spa
• Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

• Four Seasons Resort Maui (Rated #1 Hotel Spa in the U.S. by readers of Travel & Leisure Magazine)
• The Fairmont Kea Lani Maui
• Spa Moana at Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa
• Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa (Home to the world-renowned Spa Grande)

Hawaii’s Big Island:
• Four Seasons Hualalai
• Hilton Waikoloa Village
• Mauna Lani Spa at The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel
• Fairmont Orchid (famed for its innovative “Spa Without Walls”)
• Hapuna Prince Beach Resort
• Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

• Princeville Resort & Spa
• Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort & Spa

• Four Seasons Manele Bay

You say you’d love a spa vacation, but your other half is a golfing addict who wouldn’t be caught dead getting a papaya-pineapple body scrub? Remember – there are fantastic Hawaii vacation packages for golfers on just about every island. So while he’s knocking a Titleist around, you can indulge in Hawaiian-style treatments that will leave you glowing and gorgeous!

A Hawaii spa vacation with golf on the side, or a golf holiday with spa visits on the side – either way it works. All you have to do is sell it to him and it could be the most relaxing and rejuvenating vacation you’ve ever had!

About The Author
Don Carter is a freelance travel writer and amateur golfer who, in his spare time, acts as a consultant for travel companies that create and sell vacation packages, giving them tips on improving their client offerings and rating the hotels and sites featured in their vacation packages. He also contributes to several travel guides. Carter recently planned a golf vacation for himself and his new bride (but he sold it to her as a spa vacation with golf on the side) at Pleasant Holidays.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hawaii Whale Watching Tips For An Unforgettable Adventure

Hawaii Whale Watching Tips For An Unforgettable Adventure
by: Justin Britt

Each year, the Humpback Whales migrate around 4,000 miles, from summer feeding grounds in Alaska, to mate in Hawaii's warm waters.

During mating season, Humpback Whales are more active resulting in elevated surface activity which makes Hawaii a popular destination for whale watching. This exciting surface behavior, such as breaching and tail slaps, make for exciting whale watching in Hawaii.

As a Hawaii local and avid waterman, I have 5 simple tips that will help you get the most out of your Hawaii whale watching adventure. So before planning your next Hawaii vacation, follow these tips and you might just have an unforgettable whale encounter!

1. Plan Your Trip During Peak Months

Humpback Whales begin arriving in Hawaii in November and head back to Alaska in late May. If you have planned a Hawaii vacation during this time, you should have no problem spotting whales. However, peak Hawaii whale watching season occurs during February and March. So if you have not made your travel arrangements yet, shoot for these months.

2. Visit Islands Known For Whale Watching

Maui, Kauai and the Big Island are the most popular islands for Hawaii whale watching, so plan to visit one of these islands on your vacation. If you are visiting Oahu, you can see whales there too, they just won't be as abundant.

3. Plan A Boat Tour

Hawaii whale watching tours are ideal for seeing these spectacular animals in their natural habitat. Not only will you be in the whale's environment, but because humpback whales are curious about their surrounding, they will sometimes approach your boat. Plan a Hawaii boat tour to truly get the most out of your whale watching adventure.

Boat tours are available departing from Lahaina Harbor many times throughout the day during whale season. On the Big Island and the island of Kauai, whale-watching opportunities abound with a full schedule of tours provided by seasoned, knowledgeable guides.

Humpback whales may also be observed from land if you prefer solid ground to the deck of a boat. On Kauai the Kilauea Lighthouse, Kealia Lookout and various high-points of land in coastal areas are good places to start. Once you're in the right place, spotting the whales is easy: just look for the majestic plumes of water ("blows") rising in the air and the playful splashes made by these gigantic creatures.

4. Respect their space

In Hawaii, whale watching is an avid activity, and like with most outdoors activities, there are rules. Observers may not approach by vessel or by swimming within 100 yards of a whale (known as the 100-yard minimum rule). However, there is no rule that keeps whales from approaching people. Experienced leaders of Hawaii whale watching tours know how to gently approach these animals and encourage them to come closer.

5. Preserve the Humpback Whale

The humpback whale almost came to extinction in 1966 after mass commercial whaling during the early 20th century. Today there are approximately 30,000 to 40,000 humpbacks worldwide. Federal laws protect them, but there are things we can all do to help preserve this amazing animal for future whale watching generation.

* Keep beaches and waters clean and debris-free
* Participate only in responsible whale watching activities
* Support efforts to stop illegal whaling
* Support legislation, research and preservation programs
* Patronize eco-friendly companies and organizations

You can read books about whales, but with so many opportunities to see them up-close and personal, there's no reason why you shouldn't start thinking now about your next Hawaii whale watching tour. It's fun, it's easy and it's a great experience for the whole family.

About The Author
Hawaii resident and adventure traveler, Justin Britt, invites you to learn more about Humpback Whales in this Hawaii Whale Watching. And If you're planning a trip to Kauai, learn more about

Monday, May 21, 2007

Favorite Maui Luaus

Favorite Maui Luaus
by: Andrew Crawford

For any visitor to Maui, taking in a luau is an absolute must. Luaus are the most popular activity in Maui, attracting several hundred thousand visitors every year. If you are traveling as a couple, as a group, as a family or as an individual, a Maui luau offers something for everyone to enjoy. A luau offers a full evening of fun, food, drinks and entertainment, all rolled into one fun activity.

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast, typically featuring kalua pork, poi, haupia and other local favorites. Historically, a luau celebrated special occasions such as a king’s birthday, visits from foreign dignitaries or to honor an important chieftain. These parties often lasted for three days featuring dancing, drinking, eating and singing. Today there are many commercial luaus to choose from, where you can be treated like a king yourself.

There is not a bad luau on Maui, so whatever luau you choose, you will have a good time. That said, there are three Maui luaus, which will be reviewed here. They are The Old Lahaina Luau, The Feast at Lele and The Ka’anapali Beach Luau. These three luaus represent the best a luau can offer, depending on what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a traditional Hawaiian experience, The Old Lahaina Luau is the way to go. Featuring only music and dance from Hawaii, this luau will take you on a tour of Hawaii from the times of mythology to the present. The goal of The Old Lahaina Luau is to provide the most authentic Hawaiian luau available on Maui. They achieve this without sacrificing any of the other great things you might expect from a luau. The food is abundant and very tasty as well. Sample from kalua pork, lau laus (steamed pork wrapped in tea leafs), poi (taro root pounded to a paste), ahi poke (marinated ahi tossed with seaweed and vegetables), sweet potato, steak, mahi mahi and much more. Be sure to try some of the excellent tropical drinks provided with your dinner or order your favorite standards from the bar. The Old Lahaina Luau is one of Maui’s most popular luaus and is often sold out up to a month or more in advance so it is best to book as soon as you know you will be coming to Maui. You can book this luau through Maui Luau Guide, which also provides more info at

For the honeymooning couple or any couple looking for a more private and romantic evening, consider the Feast at Lele. The feast is the only Maui luau offering table service for dinner. The approach here is much different from any other Maui luau. A premium bar is featured, and the food is served in courses, and offers some of the finest food you may eat during your entire vacation. The meals are prepared by award winning I’o restaurant and each course represents a different culture of Polynesia. Dinner begins in Hawaii with kalua pork, fresh fish and a heart of palm salad. The second course is from New Zealand and features Maori fishcake, while the third course represents Tahiti and features steamed chicken in coconut milk. Closing out the night, is an amazing fire knife dance from Samoa performed right before you, as you are served Samoan steak with a bread fruit, shrimp and avocado accompaniment. You will be entertained as each course is served, by the dances and songs of the island culture the dish hails from. This luau is often booked to capacity as well, and it would be suggested to book as early as possible. Tickets and more info about The Feast at Lele Maui luau are available at

Families visiting Maui may find that the Ka’anapali Beach Luau is the perfect fit. In addition to the traditional luau buffet which serves kalua pork, mahi mahi, lomi lomi salmon, poi, island style chicken, sweet potato and much more, there is a children’s buffet featuring comfort foods such as chicken fingers, hot dogs and pizza for the finicky eater. The Kaanapali Beach Luau will feature all the dances you would expect, taking a tour through Polynesia, featuring Hawaiian hula, Maori stick fight dances, Tahitian war dances, a little Elvis and a little Don Ho, and of course a death defying fire knife dance to end out the nigh! This luau comes recommended not only based on the great food, drink and show, but also on value. At you can book this luau for $49.95 per adult with one free child (12 or under) per paying adult. This luau is also located very conveniently, right in the heart of Ka’anapali!

You can expect to pay between $50 and $110 per person depending on what luau you choose, but no matter which you choose you will be treated to a wonderful evening with plenty of food, an open bar and a great show to entertain you. Be sure to bring your camera or video to preserve the memories, as a Maui luau is an experience you will never forget. For more information on any of these luaus as well as every other luau on Maui, check out a complete guide to luaus on Maui.

About The Author

Andrew Crawford has lived in Maui for about 7 years, working in and around the Maui Activities field. He currently manages several websites, including He invites you to come see the magic that is Hawaii.

View their website at: Maui Hawaii Luau.