Saturday, May 26, 2007

Makena, Maui

Makena beach turtleMakena is located on Maui, bordered in the north by the posh Wailea Resort area and in the south by the 'Ahihi Kinn'u Natural Area Reserve. Makena beach is a beautiful beach with golden sand where you can take beautiful walk through trees, watch sea turtles off to the far right side of the beach. Interested in snorkeling? Ahihi Bay, just south of Makena is a great snorkling spot.

In the vicinity is the Makena State Park, a scenic wildland beach park characterized by prominent cinder cone and large white sand beach. Activities you can participate in include swimming during calm seas, bodysurfing, board surfing, shore fishing, and beach- related activities. However, there is no drinking water. There is a popular beach is called "Big Beach" which is over one-half mile long and more than 100 feet wide. There is a lifeguard on duty but be careful as the waves can be quite big and intimidating. A visit to Makena is like a return to nature.

Tourism to Makena is often touted as ecotourism as you will see nature at its best there, but travelling involves burning of fossil fuel and CO2 emission. However, there are sites that offer carbon offset to offset the CO2 emission resulting from your travel. You can find a list of such sites at Environmental Directory.

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