Friday, August 31, 2007

Hawaii's equivalent in Continental USA for cheaper vacation

If you are planning for a vacation in tropical Hawaii, you can chose and book your vacation accommodation online via Hawaii vacation rentals. Hawaii is a great place for a vacation, but according to the AAA Annual Vacation Cost survey in 2006, it is also the most expensive place for a vacation in the United States of America. AAA said a family of two adults and two children will pay $559 a day for food and lodging in Hawaii, more than twice the national average of $261. And that is not counting the travelling cost.

If you are budget conscious, you may want to look for cheaper vacation equivalent on Continental USA. You may want to consider Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach has some 23 miles of beautiful white sandy beaches for you to enjoy. However, because Daytona is closely associated to cars, motorised vehicles are allowed on most of the beach. For those who do not want to share the beach with motorised vehicles, there is a stretch of 5 miles of beaches are reserved for them. A

nd the NASCAR track that hosts the annual Daytona 500 as well as other racing related events plus the Daytona Bike week plus the Biketoberfest which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world has made Daytona synomous with speed. There is also the Daytona USA, an interactive motor sports theme park with an antique car museum. The traditional Spring Break Daytona Beach which takes place on miles of sandy beaches with various activities, pool deck parties, hot Daytona Beach Clubs like the Ocean Deck, Razzles, and 600 North also draw visitors from all over the States. Daytona vacation rentals can help you find accommodation in Daytona.

The other alternative is Myrtle Beach in South Carolina with a 60-mile crescent of beach called Grand Strand. Grand Strand has with clean, wide beaches and a great variety of recreation, entertainment, dining and shopping places. Get your Myrtle Beach vacation accommodation from Myrtle vacation rentals.

If all these 3 vacation destination doesn't appeal to you, there are thousand of nice vacation destination for you to chose from and vacation rentals can help you make your choice.