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Honolulu Has a Rich Cultural Heritage to Share

Honolulu Has a Rich Cultural Heritage to Share by Jake Orley

Think of Hawaii and what do you see? Definitely paradise with sun-bathed sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters. Clever drinks with cute umbrellas are not far behind. Hawaii gives you ample opportunities for outdoor activities like scuba diving and sailing, and exciting nightlife laced with sophistication. This whole lot of excitement has made Hawaii one of the world's biggest tourist destinations. All these outdoor activities, sandy beaches, and exciting nightlife reflect the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii.

Indeed, Hawaii did not become a state until midway through the twentieth century. Although American influence dates back all the way to the early 18th century, Hawaii did not officially become a state until 1959. Since then, it has steadily grown in popularity as a major tourist destination.

You may want to unveil the wonders of Hawaii much beyond the buzzing tourist guides and fishing trails. Hawaii bestows upon its visitors a gift more intriguing than what they usually see on the surface of this mystical island. Honolulu for example has a number of places worth visiting if you wish to know what Hawaii was like and how was the life here before it became the hub for the tourists world around.

Washington Place was built in 1846 and bears the name of the first president of the United States. It stands as a haven for people wanting to return to the old ways that existed prior to the arrival of the West. After the last Queen was overthrown, she spent the remaining years of her life in Washington Place until her death in 1917.

The husband of the last queen, John Owen Dominis, built the Washington Place. For decades it was the meeting ground of people who wanted the monarchy to reestablish and the Island to return to old ways. This is the reason why Washington place appears coiled up in history and tradition. It has been the focal point of transition of Hawaii from the traditional to what it is now.

Honolulu is also the site of the Kamehameha I statue. Kamehameha is the best known and most popular Hawaiian hero. He is the man who unified all of the islands prior to the arrival of the West. After the influence of Western culture was inevitable, Kamehameha helped to maintain traditional Hawaiian values as his people became acclimated to the West.

If you want to get more in depth knowledge of the way modern Hawaii evolved and learn a few important lessons from the lives of people who emerged from past and faced the new challenges of the modern life, then you certainly need to visit the various museums and libraries that dot Honolulu cityscape.

It’s true that most people go to Hawaii for the absolutely out-of-the-world experience, and would not like to spend time in museums, but you cannot ignore the fact that these places are part of the soul that is Hawaii. If you really want to see what is beautiful about Hawaii, then you should spend some time to learn about its rich history and interesting people.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hawaii: Aloha and Destination Weddings

Hawaii: Aloha and Destination Weddings by Wally Walklate

The very thought of Hawaii brings to the mind thoughts of fun and frolic amongst the waving palm tress, soft, sandy beaches and the dancing girls. By the way, "aloha" is Hawaiian for love besides having other connotations as well. So if your wedding is on the cards and you are contemplating an ideal destination for the same, just fly off to the beautiful tropical Hawaii Islands for an experience of a lifetime for you and your aloha. And you do not have to celebrate your honeymoon in a different location as well.

Many couples choose Hawaii as their wedding destination so that they can create an intimate atmosphere with close friends and family. A destination wedding is an excellent way to minimize stress and focus on the real meaning of the day: the exchange of solemn vows between you and your beloved. Since weddings in general have become a stressful and costly venture, head to the islands and get a taste of love Hawaiian style!

The weather in Hawaii is beautiful all year long, so you can lounge on the lush sand beaches when the weather is harsh and cold at your home. There is definitely not a bad time to be married in the Aloha state, so you can plan a wedding year round without having to worry about sweltering hot temperatures or inclimate winter weather that can potentially prevent you from getting to the chapel on time!

The cost of Hawaiian destination wedding is quite small as compared to the astronomical costs that wedding entail. More so, there are economical packages offered by many operators. For Hawaii, you have traveling and lodging expenses- and this is quite economical than having a planned wedding in your hometown. Hawaii also allows you merge your wedding and honeymoon cost, thus providing a unique experience and cutting cost. The whole experience is more exotic as only your close and willing family and friends would be around you.

Planning a Hawaiian wedding is a piece of cake! Most hotels and resorts offer special wedding packages for out of town guests, and eliminating the fuss and worry that typical wedding planning entails. These packages include everything from the fresh flower leis to the sensations food to the cake, all you have to do is to bring yourself, your beloved, and your attire. Know the exact cost of the wedding up front and prevent any surprises when it comes time to pay the bill!

Hotels and resorts provide all kinds of professional vendors. So you don't have to worry about caterers, florists, photographers and clergy- they would take care of it. But be very sure that you have the necessary paperwork and certificates for a post-wedding hassle free life, as that would make your wedding legal. Even when this is inclusive in the package, it wouldn't hurt if you double-check before the journey.

If you are concerned about wedding attire, there are tons of shops on the island. Whether you choose to rent a traditional wedding gown and tuxedo or don traditional aloha wear for the ceremony, you can either bring your attire or find it on the island.

Marriage on the beach in traditional Hawaiian style is a rage among couples, but you could marry in a chapel if you like. Whatever you like, choosing a Hawaiian destination allows you a wide range of choices for your wedding plans besides being economical. So say bye-bye to your worries and head for Hawaii to the most exotic experience of your life- and tie the knot to your aloha.

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