Saturday, March 15, 2008

San Diego, alternative for beach lovers for American residents

The United States of America is a huge country and some parts of the United States experiences severe (cold) weather in winter. Some may want to escape to warmer weather or some may just be beach lovers or looking for sea sports. There are plenty of choices and one of them are Hawaii and the other is San Diego, a coastal city in Southern California in southwestern continental United State. Hawaii is an archipelago comprising many volcanic islands and is a long way from continental United State. If you want warm weather or just want to spend your time by the beach, and you want to take transportation cost into consideration, San Diego is an obvious choice.

Now if you intend to spend your vacation in San Diego, you will obviously need some San Diego vacation rentals unless you have some relatives or friends who are willing to put you up temporarily. However, this means inconveniencing them even if they may be too polite to tell you so. If you are a beach lover, you would probably want a San Diego beach house for I am quite sure you would not want to travel long distances to your favorite beach or beaches (San Diego has many beautiful beaches.

Those who are retired may even be thinking of migrating to warmer climate plus love the beach. For them, they may want to consider purchasing some San Diego beach real estate.

Whatever it is, I have been to San Diego in the 80's and it looks like a pleasant to spend your vacation or live there. Plus with the sub-prime crisis still haunting the United States, this may be your chance to get some bargain San Diego real estate which may never come again.